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In a world of fierce competition and demands for sustainability, traceability and reporting, we have developed the factory software, AROLINK®, to give you a decisive competitive advantage.

AROLINK® is a MOM system that can digitize your entire factory and help you make better decisions.

With our software, you can optimize your production processes, reduce costs and increase the quality of your products. At the same time, you can achieve full traceability throughout production, which is essential to meet the demands of both authorities and consumers.

Our goal is to help you stand strong in the market by creating an intelligent factory. AROLNK® makes your machines talk to each other, gathering all your factory data in one place and enabling you to make intelligent decisions in real-time both on the factory floor and in the boardroom.

We call it factory intelligence

Let our customers tell you about AROLINK®.

Increased traceability, less waste of resources, greater competitiveness and bottom line are some of the benefits our customers report.

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Great collaboration, full traceability and less waste

This is how Mads Aagaard from Aqua d’Or talks about their manufacturing company after implementing AROLINK®.


Our customers

AROLINK® makes your manufacturing business more resilient


Legislation, changing consumer behavior and crises have a big impact on how manufacturing companies produce. There are constantly shifting demands and changes that require manufacturing to be adaptable and resilient if it is to remain competitive.

AROLINK® gathers data all around your business and gives you insights that help make your business more resilient.

4 smart reasons to choose AROLINK® as your partner


We only have one product

And we’re extremely proud of that. Every piece of code our software developers put into AROLINK® is driven by a passion for the product. Every consulting session our project managers conduct is driven by the success of AROLINK® for the manufacturing company. And every workshop we run is focused on teaching you the latest updates.

All our time is invested in AROLINK®. Nothing else.


We are your extended IT department

When you buy AROLINK®, you’re not just buying the software. You’re also buying a passionate team of project managers and software developers. We know that integrating new software into a manufacturing company can be a challenge. It can be difficult or you may encounter resistance from employees.

That’s why it’s extremely important to us that the integration of AROLINK® is seamless, with no production downtime, thorough training and fast service if you need customizations.

In other words: We make it safe and secure to use AROLINK®.


We understand your factory

Solving a problem requires a deep understanding of the nature of the problem. We do! No matter what role AROLINK’s employees play, they receive thorough training on how production works.

This way, we are all able to understand your challenges, spot upcoming challenges and help you solve them.






We collect data from your entire factory

AROLINK® captures unparalleled insights by gathering detailed data from your entire factory – from goods receipt to the factory floor and warehouse.

With data from all corners of the factory, you get 360-degree insights that make it much easier to track products, comply with documentation requirements, keep an overview of your production, save resources and streamline production flow.





Easy-to-use factory software


  • One click with a scanner and AROLINK® has received data from your factory
  • Each user on the factory floor, goods receiving or warehouse can only access the AROLINK® feature that is relevant to them
  • The software is easy to customize to fit your factory and challenges
  • Management gets a clear overview of the entire production
  • The AROLINK® team is always available, whether you need customizations, update requests or super user training.
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